Looking for ORSTAT Technical Support?

Use the ORANGE BUTTON at the bottom of this page to contact Technical Support.


How do I register for a user account with ORSTAT?

ORSTAT registers new accounts on behalf of all users for the sake of security. ORSTAT notifies new users via email 
of their account User Name and Password.

How can I change my user account password or other information?

A support ticket needs to be submitted through ORSTAT’s technical support portal, or, by clicking the ORANGE TAG at the bottom of this page in 
 order to change any account information.

What happens if I lose my mobile device?

Should a mobile device be lost, stolen or damaged for any reason, simple notify
 ORSTAT by clicking this link, or, by clicking on the ORANGE TAG at the bottom of this screen. Your account will be temporarily suspended until a new
 device is obtained at which time a new account password will be administered.


What does ORSTAT do?

ORSTAT is the first digital product to address latency issues surrounding 
the Turnover procedures within the Operating Room environment in hospitals
 by alerting, prompting Operating Room staff to complete their individual turnover tasks on-time
 through a simple series of Accept, Start and Complete buttons. 

ORSTAT also provides hospital administration with on-time reporting on an individual,
 team, or room basis, thus revealing the pain points within the turnover process.

Is ORSTAT HIPAA Compliant?

While not actually HIPAA compliant, ORSTAT neither needs Patient Health Information
 (PHI) nor does it even have the ability to speak to hospital file servers or other software 
containing PHI.

push of a button by an OR Nurse, Charge Nurse or other approved administrator as to the
 start time and room number of a new turnover. THAT’S IT!

Does ORSTAT require information or data from a hospital?

ORSTAT requires to sets of data from its customers: 1. A list of all Surgical department employees including their name, mobile device number and an email address so that
 new user accounts may be registered (by ORSTAT). 2. A depiction of your particular 
department’s turnover schedule so that your version of ORSTAT reflects your schedule

Can I try ORSTAT before I purchase it?

YES! Hospitals may trial ORSTAT for 30 days for FREE for up to 2 rooms and 20 employees. The trial expires after 30 days at which a full purchase is required in order 
to continue using ORSTAT for everyone room and staff in your department.

What effort is needed from me or the hospital I work for?

There is no need for time consuming data entry of staff information or scheduling
 information. ORSTAT starts working “out of the box” because ORSTAT does all the setup for you.

What mobile platforms is ORSTAT available on?

ORSTAT is available in iTunes for iPhones running iOS 11 or later, and in Google Play
for Android based phones.